Welcome to Alive with Zombies, zombies from A to Z.

A site on perpetual construction about how to survive among zombies and remain safe and happy...

for as long as it is humanly possible!

Tips about what to grow, eat, store, construct ...

Ideas to create your own garden - food and therapy! Learn here how to protect yourself, your house, and to fight back those weirdo Zombies!


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This is also the place where you can get some exclusive Alive With Zombies products:

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Plush charms

Family Cyclopes:
Choose yours
Small Cyclopes Bunny
Small Cyclopes Bear
Medium Cyclopes Bunny
Medium Cyclopes Green Monster

Medium Cyclopes Kitty

Family Voodoo Good dolls:

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Voodoo Emo
Voodoo Blue Piercing
Voodoo Romantic Pirate
Voodoo Purple Power
Voodoo Gray Girly
Voodoo Gray Boy
Voodoo Gray Upsed

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