Welcome to Alive with Zombies, zombies from A to Z.

A site on perpetual construction about how to survive among zombies and remain safe and happy...

for as long as it is humanly possible!

Tips about what to grow, eat, store, construct ...

Ideas to create your own garden - food and therapy! Learn here how to protect yourself, your house, and to fight back those weirdo Zombies!


You don't want to go crazy, so keep your mind fresh and give yourself some relaxing fun moments.
Here you'll find suggestions of books, board games, (as long as you have power generator - wind, sun or motion) movies...
Here are a few suggestions:

  isurvivalskills IsurvivalSkills @isurvivalskills
isurvivalskills.blogspot.com FM 21-76 SURVIVAL MANUAL for starters ;-) download it here

Zombie Hit-Man @ZombieHitMan
ZombieHitMan.com Books-zombie survival guide, primitive skills and crafts,urban survival guide,when all hell breaks loose.....guns guns guns water water water ;)

Zombie Guide Tips @ZombieGuideTips
For books: educational/survival and games should be all strategy based to practice keeping a sharp mind... &cards!!

Head Zombie @ZombieGifts
Games: We like "Give Me The Brain" zombiegift.com/2012/07/13/giv… "Zombie Dice" zombiegift.com/2011/08/26/zom… & Zombie DeskTop Bowling zombiegift.com/2011/08/25/zom…
 Books: u can't go wrong w/ The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks: zombiegift.com/2011/10/17/the… or The Zombie Combat Manual zombiegift.com/2011/10/13/the…

Maria Olsen @mariaolsen66
Horror Actor, Writer, Producer and Director - imdb.com/name/nm1864017

Zombie Clue - Mr Ghastly-Green in the basement with the baseball bat! :D

Alienwear Apparel
Improvised Explosives: How to make your own, US Army Survival Guide, Grow Your Own Food Books, Mini Weapon Creation Book, and Cook Books.
Shooter video games like Resistance and COD for indoor target practice along with dart boards, playing cards would also be very useful.

Davey  twitter: @sam_holly
Books suggestions: 1st: Zombie Survival Guide - Max Brooks,  2nd: The Stand - Stephen King and 3rd: Work!Consume!Die! - Frankie Boyle
b0neZ  twitter: @b0neZ
Books: "Any title by William Gibson (@GreatDismal), games, dunno."

Zombie Research @ZombieResearch
Book: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies. amazon.com/Everything-Eve…

Jason Ashworth @jalanash
ParkerHillMusic.com"Books about robot programming, games w/hardware&electronics+tons of DVDs-to build a disc throwing robot to decap. them!"

jamie 'JIG' tuffen @jamieJIGtuffen
http://zombielifepodcast.wordpress.com/ "Well a few good zombie books are as followed....The Apocalypse Room by Simon Neilson. Its more of a short story but its an excellent one. Hes also got another one due out soon called Kaleb which is going to be fantastic. Julianne Snows Days with the Undead is also very good. The usual Walking Dead graphic novels are pretty awesome too. And I like the Autumn books too. Theres 4 of them and there fantastic. Also aftereffects: Zombie Therapy by Zane Bradey. all very very good reads. Game wise.......where do I start ;) pretty much all the Resident Evil games rock. The Left4dead games, and my favorite zombie game.....Dead Island."

Rick @EvolvedRick
"I'd go with a simple pack of playing cards (so many games to play with them) and a set of Douglas Adams books"

Tom C @tomsonlocal
"A hundred times this box, it may be the coolest thing I possess amazon.com/The-Zombie-Tar… : The Zombie Tarot: an Oracle of the Undead "

Irene @Swaggerene1
Flesh Eaters by Joe McKinney and Best New Zombie Tales Trilogy-James Roy Daley

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