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September 07, 2014

Survival food!

Survival food! 

This Cookie can last for years. 

• 1/2 glass of water
• 1 ½ glass of all purpose flour
• 1 bit of salt

September 27, 2013

Fire after the storm

Yes, you are able to use matches to produce fire after a storm, after swimming in the river... waterproof matches! 
But... you need to prepare yourself before. 
As always, the key word is to think in advance and prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. 
The Video is a step-by-step explanation, however... it is spoken in Portuguese. Don't worry -  it is quite easy to understand what is needed to be done to produce your own waterproof matches. 
Items: a box of matches, a candle and any sort of scotch tape. 
The idea is to use the liquefied wax. 
Please watch the video and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

To read more about Survival: http://alivewithzombies.blogspot.com.br/p/survive.html

February 06, 2013

Be the lord of your table!

So yeah, going to the grocery store is bit difficult now. You might ending up being the food!

As we need to keep healthy so we don't get sick and ready to run  or fight back at any time...
Lets eat properly.
To keep a healthy menu on our tables, better start planting and growing our own fruits and vegetables!
Don't you have a large backyard to start a great garden?  Use pots, vases, cans, plastic bottles...
Be creative... reuse, recycle!
Things you need to worry about: water and access to your plantation.
Use what you have, maintain and don't waste anything.

Here I am going to post a few suggestions for cultivating your food!

IF you find a safer place where you feel it is possible to hang out for a while, don't hesitate, start growing your vegetables!
If not, don't be a hero, grown inside. There are lots of ways to cultivate indoors. Check out this amazing website: http://www.gardeners.com
Make sure to have healthy seeds! They are small and light to carry. Start stocking seeds.

To grow healthy vegetables and herbs you need a good soil.
You should create a compost soil! It is easy and a nice way to get rid of part of your garbage.
Trust me, while a critical situation there is going to be LOTS of garbage around!

Read much much more! here

January 25, 2013

Be aware!

Sometimes there is no easy way to find out if your neighbor is really a zombie... But here you can find a few signs that you shouldn't ignore!
 Once you are sure that what is going on is not just a panic attack, that the people outside are not just acting weird and that neighbor eating the mailman is actually happening. Seriously, make sure it is not a nightmare. Lock your house, fortify each one of its entrances and study the situation.
What are you fighting against?
So you have no doubt... it is a Zombie outbreak. Check out if the news help you in anyway to identify what sort of monsters you will need to fight to survive. Crawlers, runners, the super fast ones, the dumb ones... one you have a better idea, you will be at the point to choose one of your Safe plans. What? Don't you have Plans!? hummm..

There are people who look like zombies but guess what.. not just yet.
This person decided to get his entire body tattooed and is now called Zombie Boy.
Person obsessed with tattoos, NOT a Zombie.
There are 'normal' people who have fun dressing up like a zombie.
People possibly drunk but having fun, NOT Zombies ...yet.
Remember, it is not a movie, so the zombies probably won´t be wearing tattered clothes, messy hair and missing limbs instantly.
Movie scene from Dawn of the Dead, Actors, NOT Zombies.
Don't be fooled by that 'quite normal' person who seams to be ok, but have vague pale eyes, walks tottering, covered by blood and tries to attack anyone. Avoid her AT ALL COST. Don't try to be a hero and remember there are crazy weird people on Earth and they are not Zombies (yet!). So be careful. It is not legal, neither acceptable to KILL people. That´s why I don't think it is cool to start shotting from your window at the very moment you are wondering about a Zombie outbreak.
First of all, noise calls zombies attention, imagine the loud sound of a shot! So if the zombie is not an immediate threat to you and your family... Let it go. 

Here you can find some tests to find out more about your natural skills:
Zombie bite calculator: http://ocdemoness.wordpress.com/2011/05/page/2/ 
Zombie Survival: http://www.nerdtests.com/mq/take.php?id=6516 


January 10, 2013

Survival Tips

Here are a few very handy Survival tips that might help you!
Directly from twitter @AnnaCas

- Stay healthy. Eat healthy. Sane mind and Strong body. Best survival tools: healthy mind and body.
- Search for alternatives to grow vegetables indoors and sun or motion power source and storage.
- Normally, super colorful insects are very poisonous! Avoid them.
- Energy bars are healthier and cheaper if cooked at home.
- Travel light, go fast. Carry only the stuff you really need.
- Medicines also have expiration date. Check periodically the ones stored at your Emergency Supplies Pack.
- An extra pair of socks can save your day. Never underestimate the power of comfortable feet to regain strength.
- Make sure to check how long your supplies last and make an inventory
- Don't wait till you hear about the zombies - Start stocking water now!
(on going)
Need more? here

January 03, 2013

The Zombie Survival Guide- Max Brooks

This manual sure deserves a special place here.
It provides lots of highly important information concerning how to survive after a zombie outbreak. It aims to help you surviving among zombies by explaining about weapons, combat technics, defense, shelters, escaping plans, vehicles, zombie anatomy and attacks ... Worth reading and keeping close!

August 16, 2012

What would you bring?

So you are now at a shelter... no big expectations of leaving it that soon. Are you going to die of boredom or did you came up with interesting solutions to avoid this slow and painful death?
I truly hope you are one of the good one who had a zombie attack plan in mind! Oh Not yet!? Hurry up and gather books, games or something to entertain yourself and the ones with you. Yeah! 'The ones with you' - Because you don't want them going mad and starting breaking things up and ending up ruining Your zombie safe shelter!
=>Click here to check on a few suggestions! FUN