Welcome to Alive with Zombies, zombies from A to Z.

A site on perpetual construction about how to survive among zombies and remain safe and happy...

for as long as it is humanly possible!

Tips about what to grow, eat, store, construct ...

Ideas to create your own garden - food and therapy! Learn here how to protect yourself, your house, and to fight back those weirdo Zombies!


Here you will learn how to keep your mind and spirit at easy.
Yoga exercises, do-in, cleaning the energy of your space and of yourself ...

Clear your mind and get fit with Yoga Sun Salutation

Know where you step on, but mostly know your feet!

What your hands tell you? Your hands and feet are like maps of your entire body system. massage it and find out where the problem is. Most of the times, if a certain spot is sore on your hands or on your feet it is telling you which part of your body needs more attention.
Going to add a short emergency Do-in How-to here so it might help you on your day-by-day.

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