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A site on perpetual construction about how to survive among zombies and remain safe and happy...

for as long as it is humanly possible!

Tips about what to grow, eat, store, construct ...

Ideas to create your own garden - food and therapy! Learn here how to protect yourself, your house, and to fight back those weirdo Zombies!


It is right. You'll need to defend yourself.
Here you'll see some suggestions regarding self defense, special weapons, shelters and how to survive from nothing.

-Waterproof Matches:
 Yes, you are able to use matches to produce fire after a storm, after swimming in the river... waterproof matches! 
But... you need to prepare yourself before. 
As always, the key word is to think in advance and prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. 
The Video is a step-by-step explanation, however... it is spoken in Portuguese. Don't worry -  it is quite easy to understand what is needed to be done to produce your own waterproof matches. 
Items: a box of matches, a candle and any sort of scotch tape. 
The idea is to use the liquefied wax. 
Please watch the video and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

-Clean water: 
The most valuable item you need to worry about is Water. You can´t live much longer if you don't have drinkable water. Bottles can be quite heavy to carry while you are running. So here is a tip of how to solve it, if you don't have a purifier with you.

-Emergency Shelters ideas:
Remember there is not any sort of permanently safe shelter during a Zombie outbreak, even if you are not running away from zombies themselves, you can be fighting against other humans, diseases, emergency situation. There are sager places. So forty your shelter and have a escape plan, emergency supplies and always a backup plan. 

Vagabond Mobile Safe device

-Self defense tips: 
It would be really nice to know how to defend yourself on a fight, handle guns and all that. So start learning. 
 don´t think twice!


-Special weapons ideas:
Fire guns run out of ammunition and can be LOUD. You need to keep it silent. So fire ONLY when extremely necessary.
Emergency Zombie Defense Station

Yeah ppl have ideas and are prepared! 
But remember, zombie blood is infectious, 
so avoid AT ALL COST the smallest single drop of blood. 
Make sure to protect your eyes!

-Special handy multiple uses tools: 
Ropes and tools can save you. 

Mirrors can reflect the light of candles and flashlights and amplify their power! If you don´t have a mirror, a white wall or a water bottle can also amplify lighting sources

Survival Cords:
Paracord Bracelet
This bracelet can help you in SO many ways! Even fire-starting!

Interesting tools!
Pocket ChainSaw

Not your old pocket knive!

So many uses. Even smashing zombies!

General Tips:
- Stay healthy. Eat healthy. Sane mind and Strong body. Best survival tools: healthy mind and body.
- Search for alternatives to grow vegetables indoors and sun or motion power source and storage.
- Normally, super colorful insects are very poisonous! Avoid them.
- Energy bars are healthier and cheaper if cooked at home.
- Travel light, go fast. Carry only the stuff you really need.
- Medicines also have expiration date. Check periodically the ones stored at your Emergency Supplies Pack.
- An extra pair of socks can save your day. Never underestimate the power of comfortable feet to regain strength.
- Make sure to check how long your supplies last and make an inventory
- Don't wait till you hear about the zombies - Start stocking water now!
(on going)

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