Welcome to Alive with Zombies, zombies from A to Z.

A site on perpetual construction about how to survive among zombies and remain safe and happy...

for as long as it is humanly possible!

Tips about what to grow, eat, store, construct ...

Ideas to create your own garden - food and therapy! Learn here how to protect yourself, your house, and to fight back those weirdo Zombies!


As going out to buy stuff is not possible anymore, 
unless you are well prepared to run and escape from hungry zombies... 
I suggest you to stock, re-use and recycle

So lets get it started!

Don´t think twice: Start stocking water now!

-Canned food:
Save them for later. Eat all the fresh food you have first. Make sure to check on the expiration date of the cans. Don't go and risk food poisoning now.  
It lasts 10 years!

 Make sure to keep your emergency supplies together.  


Yeah. In case you need to start running! Some energy burst.

Emergency Lists:

Supplies emergency list:
- Water bottles,
- matches, candles
- canned food, energy snacks
- flash light, 
- batteries, solar or motion charger
- nails, hammer, plier, screwdriver (general tools)
- super glue, 
- plastic protection, 
- radio,
- watch,
- soap, tooth paste and tooth brush
- plastic bags
(on going) 
Medical emergency kit:
- analgesic pills
- analgesic gel
- antibiotics
- antihistminic
- cotton
- gauze,
- tape, 
- band-aids, 
- scissors,
muscle relaxant
(on going)

Food list:
- dry grains
- milk powder
- dry fruits (banana, apples, raisins ...)
- nuts
- oil
- vinegar
- peppers
(on going) 

Seeds list:
- tomatoes (seeds directly from a tomato can be used to planted)
- carrots
- onions
- potatoes (potatoes can be used to generate more potatoes) 
(on going)

a way to protect the baby plants
a spoon!

keep the soil moist

store dry food and grains

feed birds and bring life near you

old news paper into garbage bin - works super well!

another way to reuse plastic bottles

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