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So yeah, going to the grocery store is bit difficult now. You might ending up being the food!

You can fine more tips here! Pinterest.

As we need to keep healthy so we don't get sick and ready to run  or fight back at any time...
Lets eat properly.
To keep a healthy menu on our tables, better start planting and growing our own fruits and vegetables!
Don't you have a large backyard to start a great garden?  Use pots, vases, cans, plastic bottles...
Be creative... reuse, recycle!
Things you need to worry about: water and access to your plantation.
Use what you have, maintain and don't waste anything.

Here I am going to post a few suggestions for cultivating your food!

IF you find a safer place where you feel it is possible to hang out for a while, don't hesitate, start growing your vegetables!
If not, don't be a hero, grown inside. There are lots of ways to cultivate indoors. Check out this amazing website: http://www.gardeners.com
Make sure to have healthy seeds! They are small and light to carry. Start stocking seeds.

To grow healthy vegetables and herbs you need a good soil.
You should create a compost soil! It is easy and a nice way to get rid of part of your garbage.
Trust me, while a critical situation there is going to be LOTS of garbage around!

Before heading to the plantation, you need to be careful with the seeds, so prepare a nice 'cradle' for your baby plants and seeds. Here are a few suggestions:
Paper rolls can be really useful since it is biodegradable
 Egg shells will look super cute and once your baby plants are ready for bigger pots, you can add them to the compost!It works perfectly for Tomatoes!
Tomatoes directly from my own plantation. First step was to put one seed on each egg shell. When strong enough I transplanted them to larger containers.
(photo soon)

If you don't have a pot, your green onions can keep growing on a glass of water. Clean it from time to time. Make sure to cut the leaves you are going to use, respecting a 'four fingers' distance from the roots.

 Oh yep plastic bottles! hang them and use it to create a great and ecologic vertical garden.
Once again you are getting rid of the garbage buy using it wisely.

Please won't we forget that the zombies are out there, so from time to time you won't have time to water properly your plants. here is a super cool idea for a self water system.

and you can even develop a sub-irrigated planter! How cool is that!

There are some herbs that can heal!
Take a look:

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  1. Oh, these delicious herbs! I'll sure try to grow them in my balcony.