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January 10, 2013

Survival Tips

Here are a few very handy Survival tips that might help you!
Directly from twitter @AnnaCas

- Stay healthy. Eat healthy. Sane mind and Strong body. Best survival tools: healthy mind and body.
- Search for alternatives to grow vegetables indoors and sun or motion power source and storage.
- Normally, super colorful insects are very poisonous! Avoid them.
- Energy bars are healthier and cheaper if cooked at home.
- Travel light, go fast. Carry only the stuff you really need.
- Medicines also have expiration date. Check periodically the ones stored at your Emergency Supplies Pack.
- An extra pair of socks can save your day. Never underestimate the power of comfortable feet to regain strength.
- Make sure to check how long your supplies last and make an inventory
- Don't wait till you hear about the zombies - Start stocking water now!
(on going)
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  1. These figures are just basic left 4 dead survival warehouse guidelines, however considerations should be made from the aspect of preserved foods, rather than fresh foods.