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January 25, 2013

Be aware!

Sometimes there is no easy way to find out if your neighbor is really a zombie... But here you can find a few signs that you shouldn't ignore!
 Once you are sure that what is going on is not just a panic attack, that the people outside are not just acting weird and that neighbor eating the mailman is actually happening. Seriously, make sure it is not a nightmare. Lock your house, fortify each one of its entrances and study the situation.
What are you fighting against?
So you have no doubt... it is a Zombie outbreak. Check out if the news help you in anyway to identify what sort of monsters you will need to fight to survive. Crawlers, runners, the super fast ones, the dumb ones... one you have a better idea, you will be at the point to choose one of your Safe plans. What? Don't you have Plans!? hummm..

There are people who look like zombies but guess what.. not just yet.
This person decided to get his entire body tattooed and is now called Zombie Boy.
Person obsessed with tattoos, NOT a Zombie.
There are 'normal' people who have fun dressing up like a zombie.
People possibly drunk but having fun, NOT Zombies ...yet.
Remember, it is not a movie, so the zombies probably won´t be wearing tattered clothes, messy hair and missing limbs instantly.
Movie scene from Dawn of the Dead, Actors, NOT Zombies.
Don't be fooled by that 'quite normal' person who seams to be ok, but have vague pale eyes, walks tottering, covered by blood and tries to attack anyone. Avoid her AT ALL COST. Don't try to be a hero and remember there are crazy weird people on Earth and they are not Zombies (yet!). So be careful. It is not legal, neither acceptable to KILL people. That´s why I don't think it is cool to start shotting from your window at the very moment you are wondering about a Zombie outbreak.
First of all, noise calls zombies attention, imagine the loud sound of a shot! So if the zombie is not an immediate threat to you and your family... Let it go. 

Here you can find some tests to find out more about your natural skills:
Zombie bite calculator: http://ocdemoness.wordpress.com/2011/05/page/2/ 
Zombie Survival: http://www.nerdtests.com/mq/take.php?id=6516 


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