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February 06, 2013

Be the lord of your table!

So yeah, going to the grocery store is bit difficult now. You might ending up being the food!

As we need to keep healthy so we don't get sick and ready to run  or fight back at any time...
Lets eat properly.
To keep a healthy menu on our tables, better start planting and growing our own fruits and vegetables!
Don't you have a large backyard to start a great garden?  Use pots, vases, cans, plastic bottles...
Be creative... reuse, recycle!
Things you need to worry about: water and access to your plantation.
Use what you have, maintain and don't waste anything.

Here I am going to post a few suggestions for cultivating your food!

IF you find a safer place where you feel it is possible to hang out for a while, don't hesitate, start growing your vegetables!
If not, don't be a hero, grown inside. There are lots of ways to cultivate indoors. Check out this amazing website: http://www.gardeners.com
Make sure to have healthy seeds! They are small and light to carry. Start stocking seeds.

To grow healthy vegetables and herbs you need a good soil.
You should create a compost soil! It is easy and a nice way to get rid of part of your garbage.
Trust me, while a critical situation there is going to be LOTS of garbage around!

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  1. Can't wait to get my hands in the dirt. We finished our Greenhouse and have even started some seedlings allready, but I've got so many ideas for the garden this year. Happy gardening!

    1. Happy gardening to you too!
      Make sure to take pics of your garden projects!

  2. To do compost. it is a good idea!